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Conditioning & Exercise Classes for Dogs

Pilates for Pups
Teach your dog to move from its core while actively stretching its muscles by using various balance discs and pads. The “peanut” and “egg: may be used in this class which will strengthen your dogs core muscles, lower back and abdominals and aid in the reduction and prevention of potential muscular problems

Super Seniors
A similar class to Pilates for Pups but geared for the senior dog eight years old and older. Gently stretch your dog and strengthen his/her core muscles, lower back and abdominals. Tricks which stretch muscles will be taught along with slow walking.

Bowling for Howlers
This class will improve your dog's coordination, neck strength and flexibility. It will also help with your dog's self-control because his/her actions must be very precise to correctly perform the task.  Learning to bowl will also help dogs who are sound or movement sensitive.